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Recent Blog Posts

Governor Promotes Awareness of Dozy Driver Dangers

Addressing an issue that wreaks havoc on highways across the nation, Governor Inslee designated a seven day stretch in mid-November as Washington State Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. This move comes in response to repeated reports of sleepy motorists causing accidents across the state, injuring and even maiming passengers in their own cars and other innocent… Read More »

Victims Learn to Live with Post-Accident Amputations

A 16-year-old aspiring soldier survived a harrowing car accident as he waited for his daily bus ride to Battle Ground High School. The collision occurred when a driver lost control of her car, drove into a ditch and then traveled another 100 yards before crashing into a fence. Along the way she hit the Junior… Read More »

Atypical Athlete: Softball Star Snaps Back from Broken Neck

While routine grounders may not get by Western Washington University’s starting shortstop, she was no match for a patch of black ice one frigid morning last spring. The slick patch sent the senior spinning into the middle of oncoming traffic, before another car collided with her passenger side. At the hospital a short time later,… Read More »

Semi-Truck Accidents: Could Flashing Yellow Arrows Prevent Them?

Civil engineers recently tweaked the nearly 150-year-old tried and true multi-color traffic light system. Convinced that their innovation would improve safety, they introduced the flashing yellow arrow, a new signal which permits drivers to make a left turn when the flow of oncoming traffic permits. While the Federal Highway Administration has approved the signal nationally,… Read More »

Transit Bus Bang-Ups Beg Big Safety Questions

Within two weeks, two crashes involving commuter transit buses have stopped traffic on Washington roads. One accident injured six passengers when a bus driver slammed on the brakes to avoid colliding with another vehicle. The bus required evacuation, with the six victims rushed off to area hospitals. When the incidence of accidents like this goes… Read More »

Drivers’ Attitudes About Bicycling Contribute to Safety Problems

In the wake of a tragic death, an Everett area bike shop owner expressed a truth most cyclists have experienced. According to this entrepreneur, many automobile drivers feel that the road belongs to them. By the bike shop owner’s estimates, around 75 percent of commuter cyclists have been hit or at least grazed by automobiles…. Read More »

New Off-Road Law on the Books: More ATV Crashes in Store?

This summer, a new law was passed in Washington that may significantly increase the number of roads to which all-terrain vehicle (ATVs) riders will have access. Under this legislation, riders can use approved roads within the Green Dot system, some Wildlife and Natural Resources Department-administered land, as well as cross-country routes in the Wenatchee National… Read More »

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Uninvited Guest Crashes Into House

A Coeur d’Alene family recently received an unexpected visitor around dinner time. A local man whom police suspected was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol crashed into their home, injuring a mother, father, and their 10-year-old daughter. The truck’s forward progress didn’t stop until it was completely inside the house, trapping the father… Read More »

Auto Accident Aftermath: Vicious Vehicle Fire Causes Severe Burns

Green’s Corner is a Bellingham eatery best known for the scent of wood oven pizza, which often wafts from its open air dining area. Unfortunately, a far less appealing aroma filled the air recently at this popular neighborhood establishment when a 43-year-old driver crashed into the entrance. Remarkably, this is the third time a driver… Read More »

The More the Scarier: Drunk Drivers Multiply Dangers

In this day and age, it comes as no surprise to anyone that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol endangers everyone in the vicinity, from the driver himself to every driver and pedestrian he encounters. A tragic recent collision highlights these risks and demonstrates the extent to which dangers multiply when drunk drivers… Read More »

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