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Auto Accident Aftermath: Vicious Vehicle Fire Causes Severe Burns

Green’s Corner is a Bellingham eatery best known for the scent of wood oven pizza, which often wafts from its open air dining area. Unfortunately, a far less appealing aroma filled the air recently at this popular neighborhood establishment when a 43-year-old driver crashed into the entrance. Remarkably, this is the third time a driver has smashed through the front of this restaurant.

The driver this time paid a hefty price for speeding and driving under the influence. Trapped in the car after the collision, the man sustained severe burns and a massive cut. Alert bystanders actually smelled the victims’ skin burning and made every effort to free him from the car, but not before his pants had been burned clean off. They managed to save him just in time, as the car’s interior erupted in flames shortly after the man escaped.

Many causes, one outcome

By virtues of its design, an automobile always carries highly flammable materials in the form of the fuel that keeps it going. When accidents occur, the very petroleum on which drivers rely for propulsion can quickly cause horrific injuries and death. Frequently, fires occur due to damage to fuel tanks. Regardless of the cause, serious burns often result, which may take years to heal.

 Fatal defects cause some burns

When it comes to car crashes that cause burns, not all vehicles are created equal. Not only are some cars more susceptible to fires, some vehicles are actually designed and manufactured in a manner that is inherently dangerous to occupants. Most recently, thousands of Chevrolet Malibu sedans were recalled due to a faulty wiring harness that is prone to start fires. This is only the latest in a long line of cars that have left or could leave people with serious burns and other injuries.

If you or your loved ones have been burned in a car accident, call a caring accident lawyer at Mark A. Hammer & Associates who can help the healing begin.

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